News - a paranormal investigation

Welcome to the website! This site is an ongoing account of a journey into the realm of the paranormal by a (relatively!) normal family.

For many years, my wife and I have always had an interest in the paranormal (OK, I admit it - I am an aging hippy!), but have never really done anything about it other than read the occasional book or magazine article, or watch the occasional program on Living TV (We are getting really sad here!). Recently however, several events have occurred that have given us the impetus to start actively pursuing our interests.

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Practical Psychic provides a concise, realistic method of learning psychic abilities. It uses short, simple techniques, without rituals, objects, intense meditation, or particular religious beliefs. All it requires is confidence and practice.
The Druid
The aim of The Druid Network is to be a source of information and inspiration about the modern Druid tradition, Druidic practice and the history of Druidry.
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Halexandria is a Synthesis of new physics, sacred geometry, ancient and modern history, multiple universes & realities, consciousness, the Ha Qabala and ORME, extraterrestrials, corporate rule and politics, law, order and entropy, trial by jury, astronomy, monetary policy, scientific anomalies, religion and spirituality, and a whole host of other subjects...